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Thursday, June 13, 2013

When we last left our hero.
Oops, I mean had to use the umbrella today, rainy and dreary. I took that as a good opportunity to go to the underground mall. The only thing good about that was when I  came back out the sun was shining! Pretty much the same shops as any other mall. Walked around the shops in Yaletown. Not as many as last time we were here, but I found some trinket's to buy just the same.
Had an Affogotto for lunch. What's an affogotto you ask, it's a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso poured over it. A perfect lunch for a girl on the go.
Went to dinner at a Japanese tapas bar. We had an amazing appetizer avocado, tuna, tomato mixed with a little soy. Oh, and served with plaintain chips! Brilliant! Also shared ahi tuna sashimi and a sizzling rice bowl. The appetizer was my favorite.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday slept in because the couple in the room adjacent to ours argued until 1:30 a.m. Ugh.
DH and I planned to meet at the most popular restaurant called ViJ's. It's a contemporary Indian restaurant that people wait hours to get into. So the plan was I would go wait in line until they opened at 5:30 and get in for the first seating. DH would meet me there around 5:30 since that's the time he usually makes it back to the hotel. I get in, get seated, and 15 minutes later get a text from the DH saying class is running late and he would be another 45 minutes! Again, Ugh. So I inform the hostess this new bit of information and offer to sit outside and wait till he arrives, but luckily they let me wait at the table. I ordered a Dark Army, rum, lemon-ginger, mango and a pinch of garam masala. It was wonderful.
The DH showed up a half hour later. Drove like a maniac to get there no doubt.
We had a most unusual but delisious appetizer. Jackfruit in cardamom and cumin curry. I have no idea what the heck jackfruit is except that it is a fruit, but I actually thought they gave us the wrong appetizer. It was tender and stringy and juicey just like short ribs. Asked the waitress and she said yup that was jackfruit! Also had vegetable koftes in an almond marsala and lamb popsicles in a tumeric curry sauce.
I must say this place was just as good as all the hipe. Would come here again and again if we could.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Investigated Gastown. Went to the awesome fabric store called DressSew, didn't buy anything but it has fun looking at all the colors of zippers, elastic, ribbon, and buttons.
Went to La Brasserie for dinner, DH had steak frites, he's so predictable, I had trout cheeks. Very flaky and tender! We each had 2 macroons for dessert. Pistachio was the favorite!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday we decided to walk the sea walk. The inside route so we could see the city. It was a beauty walk on a beautiful day. The walk took us to granville island just in time for lunch! Fish and chips for the DH and crab cakes for me! Yum!!! And we walked the Granville Bridge back to the hotel. I'm glad DH got to feel the craziness of WALKING ON A HIGHWAY!!!! We made it back safe and sound. Rested for a bit then back to the Twisted Fork for Sundays special, Prime Rib! DH said it was just ok, I had the lentil terrine. What, so I ate vegan. It tasted better than the meat!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ah, finally Saturday and we get to play together the whole day!
We got up early and walked about a mile to Cafe Medina, one of the restaurants that I hi lighted to make sure we check out. The food was as wonderful as expected but really all I want to talk about is the Lavender Latte
I had. I would love to meet the person that thought lavender and coffee would go good together. Whole cow, never would of thunk it but man that was one Delicious cup of jo!
After filling our bellies and walking back to the hotel we drove to our next destination the Lynn Suspension Bridge. Not as long as the Capilano Bridge we went to last time we were here, but the walk in the woods down to twin falls was beautiful. I love walking thru thick lush moss and ferns. The trees were so tall and beautiful! Next we drove to the University of British Columbia
Botanical Garden specifically to walk in the trees. Basically suspension bridges from tree to tree approximately 40ft. above the ground. It was really
Walked across the street to a "gastro pub" called Relish for dinner. Watched the Blackhawk win their division. Woo Hoo or whatever.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Was a foggy rainy morning. Stayed in and beaded most the day. The beautiful weather came back just in time for dinner. We walked to a Lebanese restaurant called Nuba. Very tasty, not as good as Teta's but still very good.
Lots of walking yesterday! Walked across the Burrard Bridge, up 4th avenue then back down it. Took Fir St. to this amazing bakery call Beaucoup were I stopped and ate lunch. I had an avocado, pear, black radish and endive on a croissant sandwich. Yum! I will be making that one back home. Bought 2 chocolate almond croissant for breakfast. Which I mentioned awhile back to the DH that someone should create. And I was so right, what a great combination! Walked around the south end of Granville avenue for a bit then took the Granville Bridge back to the hotel.
Did a little more walking but it was worth it. Met one of the guys training with the DH for dinner at the Flying Pig. I had beef, the DH had fish and yes they do serve pork there.